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Why Nepal Guide Treks?

Why Nepal Guide Treks?

  • Nepal Guide Treks is an action based company. Giving our best, we focus on providing a successful, adventurous and memorable experience into the magical and mysterious Himalayan Region of Nepal. 

  • Apart from our basic packages, we also arrange and organize the trips and trekking according to your sense of interest and your holiday duration. 

  • With its excellent and devoted management, the main goal of Nepal Guide Treks is to provide a safe, sound and friendly environment where you can spend your holiday feeling totally secured. 

  • We recommend guides who are energetic as well as active in providing information about the flora and fauna, cultures, traditions, customs and the religion of the respective trekking area. 

  • Nepal Guide Treks is a reliable and trusted trekking company which makes sure to deliver maximum level of service to its customers for achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.