Camping Treks in Nepal

If you want to experience the real bliss of trekking, then there is no better option than camping treks in Nepal. Nepal is a mountainous country and it is a piece of heaven. Nepal has comparatively more and classy trekking destinations in comparison to other countries. The mountains of Nepal are beyond your imagination.

Camping Treks is the ultimate experience of staying in a camp under the sky during your trekking. It is the best way of experiencing real trekking in Nepal. Camping treks are also fully organized and you will have a hygienic meal, comfortable stay with fully experienced and professional guides.

Camping treks provide you with apt accommodations also where there is no teahouses and local lodges. The remote destinations of Nepal are on-trend for camping treks. Moreover, trekkers also enjoy camping in the mainstream trekking destinations as per their interest. During the peak trekking seasons, it is very difficult to find the lodges and teahouses. In such times also Camping Treks do well for the trekkers.

The most popular camping trekking routes of Nepal are Manaslu Conservation Area, Kanchenjunga National Park, Makalu National Park, Dhaulagiri Area, some remote part of Annapurna such as Narphu, Tilicho- Mesokanto Pass, and Mustang Saribung Pass, trekking in Rolwaling- Tashi Lapcha Pass area, lower and upper Dolpo Area, new trekking route of Annapurna, Everest, Lang tang, and other areas. These trekking destinations are comparatively remote but unspoiled. These trekking are on-trend as they are best to enjoy camping.


Camping under the open sky each day after the tiresome journey across the dramatic Himalayas is fully refreshing. There are no other activities that can surpass this experience. Staying in a camp and looking into the heaven of stars is mind-blowing and it will occupy your heart and memories throughout your life.

Let’s have some knowledge about some of the best Camping Treks in Nepal which are currently trending:

Upper Dolpo Trek

Upper Dolpo Trek is one of the remote trekking destinations in Nepal. It is located in far western Nepal. This is one of the best treks for camping as the region is very remote. There are not much teahouses and lodges in route. Therefore, there is no option except camping. Upper Dolpo Trek offers the best trekking experience into the unspoiled and less traversed route. This trek is famous for Shey Gompa, one of the oldest monasteries of the town, glistening mountain peaks, Crystal clear Phoksundo Lake, a lake at 12,000 feet, and some incredibly rare species of animals at Shey Phoksundo National Park.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is a relatively difficult trekking route in Nepal. It is the best trek to experience the wilderness of the trekking adventure. This is regarded as the physically challenging trek in Nepal as the trekkers have to undergo dramatic landscapes, glaciers, rugged terrain, lush valleys, snowy fields, and slopes. This trek is the best trek to witness the magnificent peaks of incredible heights. Moreover, trekkers can try on Dhampus peak if they have basic knowledge about mountaineering. In addition to this, this trek is best to experience the remoteness of Nepal and its alpine ecology.

Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Base Camp Trek is yet another important camping trek in Nepal. The top attraction of this trek is Makalu Barun National Park and Conservation Area. This trek is located in the Far East region of Nepal and it is one of the best treks for having a close insight into the Himalayan ecology. This trek is a botanically diverse section of the Himalayas. Therefore, the visitors will have a close observation of varieties of rare species of plants and animals. Moreover, Makalu Base Camp Trek is famous to witness the incredibly beautiful eastern face of Mount Everest, Wider varieties of Rhododendron, Red Panda, an endangered animal, etc.

Rolwaling Valley Trek

Rolwaling Himal is a mountain located in the Himalayas at the Dolakha district. Rolwaling Valley Trek also known as the Tasi Lepcha Trek is one of the noted camping treks of eastern Nepal. This trek is best to witness the spectacular mount Gaurishankar and Melungtse. Rolwaling valley is classically famous for two of the famous climbing peaks Ramdung and Pharchhemo as well. Rolwaling valley has a unique environment and exceptionally rich bio-diversity. This trek is also popular to study the Tamang heritage, culture, and traditions. The main highlights of Rolwaling Tashi Lapcha Pass Trek are- Unique Local cultures and traditions, local people, amazing glacier and landscape, beautiful Tso Rolpa lake, Monastries, Yak pastures, remote villages, and eye-catching views of the Himalayas and top high pass- Tesi Lapcha  Pass(5,755m)

Ganja La Pass Trek

Ganja La Pass is one of the best high passes located in the Langtang trekking region of Nepal. It is also known as the Langtang Valley Trek. This trek is very suitable for Camping as there is no teahouse for some days en route. The main attraction f this trek is the spectacular panoramas of the beautiful peaks, Gosainkunda Lake, Helambu, one of the ancient and rich settlement, Tamang Culture, and civilizations. This trek is also suitable to witness the remote wilderness of Nepal and Himalayan biodiversity. This trek is an adventurous journey as well because there are glaciers to cross, rugged and steep terrains to undergo. This trek is on-trend as this trek covers the whole Langtang area.

Balthali Village Trek

Balthali Village Trek is emerging as the best trek for the trekkers and campers. It is located in central Nepal and offers the best mountain panoramas. The rural town of Balthali is away from the hustle and bustle of the town. The tranquil village offers the captivating scene of Mount Langtang and Mahabharat Range, rice fields, lush hillside, and many ancient Buddhist stupas. The most interesting part of this trek is the hike to Namo Buddha, a famous Buddhist landmark.

Gurjebhanjyang- Suryachaur Trek

Gurjebhanjyang –Suryachaur has now become a popular destination for camping and Hiking. Suryachaur is a rural campsite located in the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. It is the best destination that provides the bird’s eye view of the Thansing Valley/ Phant, Ganesh Himal, and the subordinating mountains.

Chitlang- Markhu- Kulekhani Village Trek

Chitlang, Markhu, and Kulekhani are the three adjoining villages which have now become the best trekking and camping destination in Nepal. Located towards the south of the Kathmandu Valley, the villages are best known for the extensive organic farming. The whole area rejuvenates your soul and attracts your attention. The Goat farm, organic cheese factory, Indra Sarovar, the largest man-made lake in Nepal, etc. highlight this trek. The alluring beauty of the landscapes and cable car ride will wash away your stress during the journey.

Lele Village Trek

Little away from the hustles and bustles of the town sits a solitary Lele village. The serene village of Lele lies in a solitary valley that preserves the heritages dated back to the Lichchhivi Period. The culturally rich Lele has now become the eye captivating terraced valley and the best campsite for the trekkers. The panoramic view of mount Langtang at the backdrop makes this journey a refreshing one. There are also several old temples.

Other Popular camping Destinations in Nepal:

  • Pokhara
  • Nagarkot
  • Lapsiphedi
  • Kakani

Highlights of Camping Treks in Nepal

  • Camping Treks are the best opportunity to trek to the remote regions and experience the wilderness there.
  • Explores a wild, remote, and rough track area of the Nepalese Himalaya.
  • Opportunity to spend a night in a tent camp under the heaven of stars
  • The hygienic meal prepared with limited resources.
  • No worries even if you don’t get any teahouses or lodges
  • Camping Treks are also fully organized and there is a full guarantee of security.
  • Camping Treks also features all the other important pros of the mainstream treks.
  • Camping Treks are a comparatively more exotic adventure.
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Rooms and beds in Tented Camps

Camping Treks are very different from the mainstream teahouse trekking in Nepal. Camping trek is fully supported by team members with supplies of all necessary logistics. The company provides complete pieces of equipment- tents, sleeping mats, dining tent, kitchen equipment, foods, etc… 

Most Camping Treks are the treks in Nepal which are in the remote and off the beaten locations. There are no basic teahouse facilities in most of those areas. Therefore, the camping treks in Nepal offer you very basic facilities. To talk about the rooms and beds in the tented camps, you will have a comfortable sleeping camp. 

The tents are comfortable and spacious for two people in one tent with a hard and soft mattress for each. It is very difficult to carry more camping gear and equipment to such destinations. So the facilities in such camps are not much.

However, in some areas along with spacious teahouses, you will find the tents which are constructed with a corrugated steel roof over a large, conventional ridge tent with something around 4 high foot walls and a 7-foot ridge. There will be outer canvas doors with separate fly screens behind them. The twin beds will be comfortable and set at a normal height. The tent also will provide a shower-room including a wash-basin, flush toilet, tiled floor, and wooden walls, which will be pretty much en-suite. They will also provide hot water when you need it. There will be tiny LED lights at each bed-head and in the bathroom but they will only give a glimmer of light.

The tented camps at the remote location will be a portable one and will be offering you the very basic facilities.

Dining and Food in Tented Camps

Camping Treks are in many ways similar to the picnic. Camping Trek involves guides, cooks, camping staff, kitchen team, and porters. At the end of each day, they will fix the campsite as the best possible place, prepare food, and stay in the camp overnight.  In the morning, they set off the campsite, have breakfast, and continue onward hiking which will continue until the end of the pre-planned trek.

Plentiful, inclusive drinks and nibbles are served outside around an open, roaring fire during the pre-dinner happy hour. Dinner will be self-served in a dining hut, lit by candles and oil/gas lamps. It will be very good lodge-style food brought in by immaculately turned out staff from the adjacent kitchen. Breakfast and lunch will be taken in the same area. Coffee and tea will be served first in the morning and late in the afternoon, with the addition of drinking chocolate in the afternoon.

The dining is with tables and chairs where you can sit and take meals with a separate kitchen-tent to prepare meals. The specialty of the food served in the tent camp is, they are very hot and hygienic. Though there are not many choices on the menu, you will be satisfied with whatever served. The kitchen team in your Camping Trek will work hard to provide you delicious meal. The well-trained cook will also try to make different cuisines turn by turn.

Electricity Charging Points and Wi-Fi

Camping Treks in Nepal are also organized trekking package. Like the typical teahouse trekking, camping treks also tend to provide you with luxury amenities. But the remoteness and off the beaten locale of those destinations are the main reasons which are limiting the services in the Camping Treks.

Since these destinations are in the remote region of the Himalayas, you don’t have the facilities of electricity and Wi-Fi in most of these areas. Some teahouses in the route have the facility of electricity and Wi-Fi. Irrespective of that the portable camp won’t have such luxury services. You will have a candle or gas/oil lamp in most of the cases. Otherwise, you will have portable charging lights. For charging your cell phone or camera batteries, you will have to bring extra charging devices or power banks.


Most of the Camping Treks also don’t have Wi-Fi facilities as well. You will have to adjust with mobile data. In remote destinations, mobile data is also not reliable because the network is not available in all places. Your travel planner will try to provide you with access to the internet as far as possible. Ncell, CDMA and Smart Cell are providing high-speed data services in the remote regions as well. Therefore, be hopeful that you won’t have to be away from the virtual world of the internet.

Toilets and Showers

Camping Treks are the most interesting trekking that one should experience in a lifetime. Though there are fundamental facilities on a camping trek, the organizer will try their best to satisfy you with limited resources. They will be fully conscious of the health and hygiene of the group members.

The camping staff will set up an additional camp with a portable latrine; washbasin and they will provide you with hot water as per your requirement. Therefore, hot water is also not a problem in a camping trek in Nepal.

Best Time for Camping in Nepal

Nepal experiences subtropical monsoon climates and the climate of Nepal can be broadly classified into four distinct seasons. Among them, spring and autumn are regarded as the best trekking season in Nepal. Remember that trekking can be done around the year in Nepal.

The months from March to May and September to November are an ideal time to go camping in Nepal. It can quickly be passed as the best time because September marks the end of the humid monsoon climate and welcomes the season of cool breeze and clear skies. Although the other parts of the city might be dusty, the mountain regions will have the ideal temperature and atmosphere for trekking. The panoramic views of lush green vegetation and high mountain peaks touching the clear skies promise an enchanting landscape to go for a nature escapade.

March to May is the even perfect as the days are clear with plenty of sunshine. The Himalayan regions of Nepal are also warm during the day and night time temperature is not a problem yet. The views are mind-blowing during spring.

Mera Peak via Arun Valley


The typical days of camping trek also follow the same as teahouse trekking as timetable and the foods will we cooked by the well-trained cook. Although the facilities provided in the camping treks are very basic, the standard of the services is outstanding. There will be a lot of fun at the camp including singing and dancing. Campfire under the open sky and barbeque will make the trek extraordinary.  Camping Trek is also an opportunity to have close observation of typical Nepali Culture, Nepali Cuisine, and Nepali civilizations. Camping Treks on that note are the real trekking in Nepal.

Remember, the best hotel in the town will give you a five-star experience but a camp under the open sky rewards you with seven billion stars.

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