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Nepal Land of Himalayas


Nepal is a country of amazing extremes. Imagine a rectangle, 500 by 150 miles (800 by 240km), divided lengthwise into three strips. The northernmost strip is the Himalayas; Meaning "abode of snow," and includes eight of ten highest mountains in the world. The southernmost region, called the Terai, is an extension of the Gangetic plain of northern India, containing, jungles with elephants, rhinoceroses and tigers. These inhabitants contrast markedly with the yaks and snow leopard less than 100 miles (160 km) to the north.Enchantment is everywhere, be it on the shoulders of high mountains, terraced ridges ascending like stairways to sky, on quiet or rushing rivers, or in forests full of wildlife, flowers and birdsong.

Nepal is a round-the-year destination with a difference, be it the summer, monsoon, autumn or winter. One finds an unsurpassed splendor in all the seasons depending upon one's mood and choice. Mother nature has gifted this country with bountiful beauty in all the seasons-the balmy and moderate summer of the valleys provides with the opportunity of strolling around the temples, monuments and shrines in a leisurely manners; the monsoon provides the vies of the soothing green lush valleys and an occasional opening up of the snow-capped peaks all along the northern border. Summer or winter, during the both extremes of the weather the climate is surprisingly moderate and soothing.

Nepal Things To Do

  • Nepal Trekking & Hiking

    Nepal Trekking & Hiking

    Trekking in Nepal gives you the best chance to explore Nepal Mountains, people’s cultures, traditions and life style for intrepid visitors who are always as quest for trekking and hiking adventurers in Nepal. Captivating Landscape and verities of flora and fauna has made Nepal as best trekking and hiking adventure sport.

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  • Helicopter Tour in Nepal

    Helicopter Tour in Nepal

    Helicopter Tour or Heli-Trip is a popular tourist activity in Nepal. The tours included in this category are more suitable for people with limited time or those who find it difficult to make up and down trekking through high hills and mountains. Helicopter Tours is an excellent way to explore

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  • Peak Climbing

    Peak Climbing

    Himalayan land Nepal is worldwide popular for peak climbing and mountaineering expedition adventure experience. Country aggressively presents 8 highest mountains above 8000m in the earth including roof of the world Mt. Everest 8848m. As the climbing activity is technical and need to have technical skills and experience, Nepal Guide

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  • Mountain Expedition

    Mountain Expedition

    Himalayan country of Nepal is home to several mountains that offer unlimited climbing challenges to adventure seeking climbers. In fact, Nepal is a paradise for peak climbers and mountaineers as the land comprises over 1310 mountains over 5,500 meters altitude above the sea level.

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  • Nepal Mountain Biking

    Nepal Mountain Biking

    Nepal has become one of the best mountain biking destinations of the world with hundreds of biking trails with endless and stunning mountain views.  The adventurous mountain biking in Nepal is the combination of the amazing dirt trails and inspiring single tracks through the fascinating mountain

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  • Tours in Nepal

    Tours in Nepal

    , Explore Nepal

    Nepal  - The land of Himalayas, is located in the South Asia and is sandwiched between the two giant countries - India and China. With the total area of 1,47,181 square kilometers and population of approximately 29 million people, the country borders its' territory with China to the north and 

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  • Fishing and Camping

    Fishing and Camping

    Nepal is rich in terms of water resources. The abundance of snow fed rivers, lakes and mountain streams in Nepal certainly offers good fishing grounds for dedicated and patient fishermen.

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  • Day Trips

    Day Trips

    An adventure day trip in Nepal is specially customized for the tourists who have limited time frame and wants to experience something different. Traveler generally choose this trips after or before complete their major trips such as Trekking, peak climbing and mountaineering expedition in this land of Himalayas.

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