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Tours in Nepal , Explore Nepal

Tours in Nepal
Nepal  - The land of Himalayas, is located in the South Asia and is sandwiched between the two giant countries - India and China. With the total area of 1,47,181 square kilometers and population of approximately 29 million people, the country borders its' territory with China to the north and India to the south, east and west. Much of Nepal's land is dominated by the hills and mountains. The country is home to wide range of landscapes, habitats and the world's highest mountains. Kathmandu valley is located in the foothills of the Himalayas. The excursion around the valley involves the exploration of several heritage sites of which seven of the heritage sites are listed as the 'World Heritage Sites of UNESCO'. Besides, one gets an opportunity to experience the rich Nepalese society comprising of more than thirty different ethnic tribes and each tribe having significant and distinct culture, language and traditions.
Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions has been successfully arranging and executing tours in Nepal. Our tour packages in Nepal includes the sightseeing tour of the vibrant cities of Nepal that are filled with art and culture. Besides, we will visit several temples and sites with religious and cultural significance while exploring the rich arts and architectural monuments that are well preserved for hundreds of years. During the tour, one gets to interact with the local Nepalese people and experience their warm, friendly and welcoming nature as well as their culture and tradition.   
Apart from the colors and magic of Kathmandu and other cities, our tour packages also includes visits to several National Parks of Nepal allowing one to explore Nepal's rich flora and fauna. The National Parks are home to many endangered species of wild animals including Tigers, One horned Rhinos, Musk Deers, Snow leopards, Himalayan Black Bears, Blue Sheep, Red Pandas, Ghariyal (one species of crocodile) and other wild animals and birds. 
We at Nepal Guide Treks and Expeditions aim to provide the best tour experience for those wanting to make their holiday trip a memorable one.

Tours in Nepal

  • Nepal Sightseeing Tour

    Nepal Sightseeing Tour

    , Understand Culture and Lifestyle

    We offers different package tours in Nepal.People can enjoy with several tour like all Nepal tour, Nepal honeymoon tour, Nepal cultural tour, Nepal Jungle safari tour, Nepal Pilgrimage Tour Nepal hiking tour and many more.

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  • Jungle Wildlife Tours

    Jungle Wildlife Tours

    , Experience Serene wilderness in Nepal

    Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition offers comprehensive jungle wildlife tours packages in several national parks, wildlife reserves, conservation areas and hunting reserves of Nepal. Among them, Sagarmatha (Everest) National Park is world’s highest national park 

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