How Safe Is Nepal?

Nepal is a worth living country in every respect. The Nepali people are simple and kind-hearted. Nepal, also known as the country where Lord Gautama Buddha was born, is a land of peace. It is the country where great philosophers and intellects were born and renowned sages mediated. Nepal is also a stunning country defined by some of the most epic landscapes in the world. It is a dream place full of unreal experiences and one can easily get lost here; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Similarly, this article gives you some idea about how safe is Nepal

Many people still want to know if Nepal is safe to travel to. You should not worry about safety. It is the top concern of every travel company. Nepal is a safe country and wherever you go, you will be treated as a god. The unique Nepali hospitality is incomparable. Most of the famous trekking destinations are well explored with all the basic facilities. However, Nepal is an earthquake-prone country and can be devastating, the roads are harrowing, and the sanitation isn’t great. But all of these issues are relatively out of your control.

Nepal is a landlocked and mountainous country. Another important issue regarding safety is landslides and floods. But they are seasonal. If you travel in the right season, they are not your concern. Therefore, you should not be in a dilemma about whether to go to Nepal or not. You just need to be aware of the situation if you go.

We should always be prepared for unexpected situations. As far as the travel safety concern in Nepal, it is just a matter of being prepared and knowing how to deal with unexpected issues. Know the safety procedures in case of an earthquake; research reputable trekking companies and transportation providers; have the proper gear when you go into the mountains. Besides that, it is worth having a travel insurance policy.

Nepal is famous for its distinct and unique landscapes. It is nature’s paradise. The journey to Nepal is like a journey to heaven. Wherever you go, you would have something new to explore. As far as I know, there is nothing to worry about regarding safety during your travel. The decade-long armed revolutions have been settled peacefully. There are not many strikes and protests in Nepal in comparison to the past. Similarly, security management, the establishment of tourist centers, exploration of the different tourist destinations, and highlighting them have made travel even easier and safer.

In this piece of writing, I am highlighting whether Nepal is safe to travel to or not?

Top Safety Tips for Traveling to Nepal

  • Don’t leave anything valuable in your hotel.
  • Follow basic etiquette.
  • Remove your shoes before entering a religious place. Also, be aware that some temples don’t allow non-Hindus to enter.
  • Don’t get caught with any drugs. It is illegal to carry drugs in Nepal.
  • Don’t get involved in any kind of political demonstration.
  • Keep copies of your trekking permits and other important documents. Choose a well-established and nicely reviewed trekking company.
  • Don’t travel on a route other than the designated.
  • Listen to your guide but don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable with.
  • Be aware of the symptoms of altitude sickness, hike slowly, acclimatize properly, stay hydrated, and don’t smoke or drink.
  • Be prepared physically and mentally. Also, collect adequate gears.
  • Landslides, snowdrifts, and avalanches can occur. So stay up to date about the weather condition of the place where you are traveling.
  • Make sure your insurance covers you for a helicopter rescue.
  • Keeping your money safe in Nepal

Though Nepal is famous for its simple and kind-hearted people some people cheat, rob, or pick your pocket for their living. Being robbed during your journey is one of the most frustrating experiences. Losing your money will ruin your trip. Therefore, you must be very careful to keep your money safe in Nepal. You must be very careful against pickpocketers or petty thieves. It is very wise to use a money belt. A money belt will keep your money safe from being stolen.

You may not be as much at risk in Nepal as you might be in other Asian countries, but anywhere in the world there’s still a risk of having your money stolen. If it’s not directly from your person, hotel room theft can also happen.

This is not a common incident. It is just for the peace of your mind. You have to be always careful. Just think, if this really happens and you don’t even have a penny, then what you will do. In such a situation the money you have put in the money belt surely be priceless.

There is a wide range of choices for money belts. If you need a little more room for your passport and other travel valuables, have a look at a full-size money belt that tucks under your clothes instead.

Is Nepal safe to travel alone?

Undoubtedly, Nepal is very safe for solo travelers. There are plenty of other backpackers around you or traveling on the same route. Traveling in a rural and rustic environment will never be boring because you will be amazed by the stunning landscapes. Wherever you go, you will be welcomed by the locals with their simple hearts. including big mountains like Everest and Annapurna

Almost everyone wants to travel alone. Many foreign trekkers are unknown about the trails. Therefore, it is not permitted to travel alone to many of the trekking destinations around here. Except for those trekking destinations where hiring a guide is mandatory, you can travel alone anywhere. We recommend you carry a map

Traveling alone in Nepal is not impossible. However, here are some tips for solo travelers in Nepal:

  • Trek in pairs or groups and you’ll be safer. Having someone with you means you have a great resource for emergencies. It is mandatory to travel with a professional guide to most of the mainstream treks in Nepal.
  • Tell somebody about your plan before you leave for anywhere. You can inform me about your plan your hostel, hotel, family, friends, anybody. If you are in trouble, at least they will have clue about yourself.
  • Buy a Nepali SIM Card. It will be very much useful for solo travelers. You will also be able to contact people at home. With Nepalese cell service, you will have a considerably safer journey.
  • Keep the contact number for the tourist police on your phone just in case you need to contact them.
  • Chat with the travelers en route, staff in hotels or hostels, and be involved in the group activities. This will help you to know about the region better and you will be accompanied by them on the further route.
  • Avoid going out alone, especially on trekking. You might be injured doing so.
  • Travel with a professional guide to have quality time in Nepal.
  • Is Nepal safe for solo female travelers:

Thankfully, Nepal is a pretty safe place for solo female travelers, too. Nepal is generally considered to be safer than its southern neighbor, India. Nepali people are straightforward and they have a definite open-mindedness towards other cultures.

Generally speaking, Nepal is safe for solo female travelers. It’s not seen to be weird or unusual to be traveling alone as a woman. You’ll be welcomed into homes for tea. You will be treated as a god and you can chat with the Nepalese women.

But like everywhere in the world there are more things you need to be careful about as a female, especially when you’re traveling alone. Many such things are also a part of your daily life. However, here are some tips for solo female travelers in Nepal:

  • Dress appropriately. You are expected to be fully dressed.
  • Be aware of the ill intention of the people. Many such people want to be intimate with you.
  • Be selective while choosing a guide. You must do a little research about his/her profile.
  • Don’t go around by yourself late at night. Get back to your accommodation before midnight.
  • Choose your accommodations carefully. Be sure about the security of you and your pieces of stuff there.
  • As far as possible, book yourself into family-run guesthouses or homestays.
  • Don’t accept drinks from strangers.
  • Stuffed with the sanitary types of equipment, especially when you are traveling to the outskirts of the valley.

Is Nepal safe to travel for families?

Nepal is also the number one family destination in the world. Every year thousands of visitors come to Nepal with their families. There are several family destinations and family trek packages to attract them to Nepal. Nepal offers the best family vacation in the world.

Poon Hill and Annapurna Base Camp are among the best adventures in the world that can be enjoyed merrily even by children. Despite the adventurous trekking destinations, there are museums, art galleries, fun parks, theatres, etc. which can amuse small children.

Many people even gossip that Nepal is not safe to take their children for vacation which is not true. It is an ideal choice even for the children. The children can also amuse themselves with the Nepali customs and traditions.
However, you will have to take into consideration a few safety issues.

  • Don’t take your children to places where there is a big crowd.
  • Use a mask while walking in the street.
  • Don’t eat packaged and exposed food.
  • Be aware of the street dogs.
  • Arrange nappies and other children’s products in advance. They are expensive as well as not found everywhere.
  • Don’t take your children to high-altitude regions.

Is it safe to drive in Nepal?

Driving in Nepal is not safe. Many people die when they visit countries with rugged topography like Nepal. Many tourists get injured or die due to unsafe driving in Nepal. Nepal’s roads are in very poor condition. The roads at the hills and mountains are gig jagged and muddy. The roads are also narrow. There are plenty many ditches on the road. Still, you will have many parts of the roads damaged by landslides and earthquakes. Additionally, there are also traffic signals on the roads which also is an important reason for road accidents in Nepal.

If you want to drive in Nepal, we suggest the following things:

  • Drive carefully, other drivers on the road are very careless about traffic rules/education. They may not have licenses also.
  • Don’t speed on the off roads, be careful about the pedestrians and livestock on the road.
  • Following the road etiquette is a must, Nepalese are negligent in such affairs
  • The roads may be obstructed by animals, children, debris, stones, anything. So, don’t speed off.
  • As far as possible hire a driver from the car rental offices in the town. It is much safer.
  • If you are having a motorbike, don’t forget to put on your helmet.
  • Even if there is a long line at the petrol station, don’t hesitate to be in a queue. Petrol shortage is very common in Nepal.

Are taxis safe in Nepal?

Taxis are the common means of transportation in major cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara. They are also a convenient way of traveling to your destination. However, all taxi drivers are not good. Some taxi drivers intentionally want to cheat you. They even ask for the double-triple rate. Therefore, you have to be very careful while having a taxi ride.

All taxis may not be very safe. You can find licensed, metered taxis in bigger cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara, specifically around tourist destinations. Note that the taxis in these cities all have black license plates. Taxi drivers are not ready to use the meter. Try to persuade them to turn them on. If they are not ready to turn the meter on after a lot of requests bargain persistently for a reasonable price on the journey. Taxis are also suitable for long-distance journeys. Such taxis usually have a red or green license plate. This is cheaper than renting a private car with a driver.
In conclusion, using taxis in Nepal is moderately safe.

Nepal Travel Insurance

Traveling to an unknown place is insecure. Travel mishaps can and do happen. Therefore, having a travel insurance policy is always a good idea. Even if you are going somewhere just for a few days, travel insurance for your trip is a must. It is worth having an insurance policy because overseas medical care and canceled flights are very expensive. Travel insurance is not only for your blissful travel, it is also for life-saving business.

Having travel insurance is highly recommended and we suggest you read the terms and conditions to make sure that the policy covers your needs.

Is public transportation in Nepal safe?

Transportation in Nepal is still a big problem for tourists. In reality, we wouldn’t call public transportation in Nepal 100% safe. The public buses are overcrowded. The journey on a public bus is a freaking experience. Another problem with public transportation is crashes and accidents. A large number of people lose their lives each year in a bus accidents.

Traveling in public buses in a major town like Kathmandu and Pokhara might be a disgusting experience for many tourists because the buses are overcrowded, and the roads are narrow and poorly maintained. In addition to this, some of the co-drivers on the bus intentionally swindled you. Furthermore, if you travel here you will get stunning views of the mountains like Everest and Annapurna.

Public buses, in general, are crowded, not so clean, and not that much comfortable, and the same is the case with safety. However, Private buses managed by local travel agencies are going to be more expensive but these are much less crowded, more comfortable, and offer a high level of safety. Naturally, these connect popular tourist spots.

Here are some important tips for your safe travel in a public vehicle:

  • Don’t travel on the roof of the bus.
  • Don’t travel on a public bus at night.
  • Keep your belongings close to you.
  • Be aware of the pickpocketers.

Is the food in Nepal safe?

Nepal is a country full of diversities. The culture and traditions that prevail in Nepal are unique and attract the attention of everyone. Nepali food is one such aspect that attracts tourists. Nepalese foods are very tasty. Nepali cuisine is rich with rich varieties of curries, rice, lentil, pancakes, samosas, soup, tea, Momos, etc. Chatamari, Yomari, Gundruk and Dhindo, Dal and Bhat, Sel Roti, Bara, etc. are typical, healthy as well as tasty. Also, these are the Top 10 Popular Foods In Nepal.

The Nepalese dishes are very tasty, and spicy, and that tingles your taste buds. However, many travelers suffer from bad stomachs. Diarrhea is very common among foreign tourists. While it may be an unavoidable event, here are some tips to help you avoid getting a bad stomach, at least not so often:

  • Always eat properly cooked food.
  • Don’t eat raw and unripe fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat only thoroughly cooked food that must be properly boiled.
  • Don’t forget to carry anti-diarrhea tablets.
  • Don’t eat the street and exposed food items.
  • Don’t go to such hotels which are reviewed well and have a high number of customers.

Can you drink the water in Nepal?

It is unsafe to drink water directly from the sources of water. You cannot drink the water unfiltered. The water that looks very clean and fresh is not as much pure as you have imagined. The crystal clear and fresh-looking water also might have been contaminated with parasites and bacteria.

The unsafe drinking water might bother you with some diseases and that will ruin the overall journey. Therefore, it is a wise idea to treat the water before you drink it. You can boil the water or filter it before drinking. Sometimes water can be treated by adding iodine to it.

In conclusion, you cannot drink the water directly from open sources of the water. For a safe journey, you would better have some water purification tablets.

Is Nepal safe to live in?

Nepal is a great country to live in. It is in fact country with simple people and great hospitality. Nepalese are very kindhearted and they are known as the happiest people in the whole of South Asia. Despite the occasional earthquake, freak weather, pollution, etc. Nepal doesn’t have anything inhospitable to live in.

Undoubtedly, Nepal is a great place to live in. A large number of foreigners want to live in Nepal because of the same reason. In recent days, there is no issues related to the internet, electricity, water, etc. Along with the implementation of federalism in Nepal, the infrastructures of development are well developed from the village to the urban areas.

Moreover, the travel fare, housing rent, foodstuff cost, fruits, and vegetables are relatively cheaper in Nepal in comparison to other South Asian Countries. The education and health services are also affordable here.

How is healthcare in Nepal?

Nepal has many large hospitals with all the latest technologies in healthcare. According to the national health policy of the Government of Nepal, there are Provincial, Sub Provincial Hospital, Local Level Hospital, Ward Level Sub Health Posts, and many more. Besides that many hospitals and clinics are run by the private sector. If you’re in Kathmandu or Pokhara you’ll have access to several good international standard hospitals.

Basic treatments, including consultations, begin at around $20, which isn’t too bad at all. You’ll most likely be speaking with someone proficient in English, too. Besides the major hospitals in the major towns, there are zonal and district level hospitals that provide curative health services.

The health services in Nepal have now decentralized. The hospitals, clinics and other health institutions are well equipped with adequate medical kits. There are ambulance services available almost everywhere. Helicopter evacuation/rescue is also possible at many trekking destinations in Nepal
BE SURE to carry a well-equipped medical kit, so you can treat yourself before help arrives. If you are a little conscious about your health, you would not need the health facilities and consultation. But the emergency can bother you anytime and you need health care anytime.

Here are some tips for the management of your health:

  • Have a health insurance policy that covers injuries and helicopter evacuation.
  • Don’t forget to save the contact number of some ambulance service providers in the town.
  • Rabies is still a common health problem in Nepal. So, be aware of dogs.
  • Only use sealed packets of syringes.
  • Be aware of HIV and AIDS because they are growing in Nepal.
  • Don’t eat contaminated food and don’t drink polluted water.

Overall, healthcare in Nepal varies from ok to pretty bad. Little ailments will be manageable but know that if you get seriously hurt, it may be a long journey to treatment and recovery.

Final Say

Nepal is a safe country to travel to. It is one of the safest countries in the world. After the 2015 earthquake, the reconstruction has now almost complete. The tea houses are even safer to live in now. The decade-long armed insurgency has also been settled peacefully. There are no more strikes and demonstrations in Nepal compared to the past. The security mechanism has been upgraded in every travel destination. Most significantly the country is now much safer from the COVID 19. Almost every citizen of the country is fully vaccinated.

The country is known for its friendly citizens, unbelievable hospitality, unique culture, dramatic landscapes, etc. Recent surveys also have stated that Nepal is one of the must-visit travel destinations in the world. It is affordable, it suits family holidays, and it is also suitable for female travelers. Thus, Nepal is a great travel destination with the tallest mountain in the world Mount Everest

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