Join Mustang Tiji festival Trek in May 2017|Confirmed|Booking Open

Tiji Festival dates for 2017 have been announced. Every year Nepal Guide Treks and expedition is organizing this special Upper Mustang Tiji festival trek to let you enjoy the happenings of the Tiji celebration 2017 with a fruitful trek to the Charming villages of Mustang. The ‘Tiji Festival’ will be celebrated on 22, 23, and 24 May 2017 in Upper Mustang Lo-Manthang. Our booking is now open to all interested visitors/trekkers from around the globe. We are offering 18 days trekking tour for Tiji Festival 2017.

Tiji Festival Trek combines fruitful trekking through Mustang’s charming villages, alongside several Buddhist shrines and countless temples all being in the shadows of the Himalayas ‘ most iconic mountain ranges. Trekking with a goal to observe one of the most unique Buddhism-inspired festivals – the Tiji Festival in the Upper Mustang region of Nepal.

Tiji Festival is very popular among the locals of the Lo-Manthang region of Upper Mustang. The word Tiji is derived from the word ‘Ten Che’ meaning the ‘hope of Buddha Dharma prevailing in all worlds and is effectively a spring renewal festival. Tiji consists of three-day of Tibetan rituals. The 3 days Tiji festival is ritually known as “The Chasing of the Demons” based on mythological legends. During the Teji Festival, the town square fills up with characters clad as demons in flamboyant robes and hideous masks dancing about slashing at the air with their swords and spells over onlookers. Spend the day steeped in the sights, sounds, and movements of this once-in-a-lifetime cultural marvel. This three-day ceremony is lit up with the colorful custom dress, dancing, music, and reenactments from the story and his demon father.

Moreover, Tiji tells the story of the immortal ‘Dorje Jono’ who fights against his devil father and saves the kingdom of Mustang – Lo Manthang. The land of the Upper Mustang is very dry and the Demon Father created critical situations by creating water shortages which made it very difficult to live. Legend assumes that ’Dorje Jono’ used his supreme power against the devastating devil and banished him from that kingdom. For three days we will watch, observe, and enjoy the happenings of the Tiji Festival.

Upon the completion of the rituals of the Tiji Festival 2017, we will prepare for our return trekking that passes through Mustang’s fascinating landscapes as we head towards Jomsom –an important hub for Mustang and Upper Mustang Trekking with an airstrip and abundance of service. From Jomsom, we will take a sweeping flight to Pokhara and finally drive/fly back to Kathmandu.

Join us and be a part of the Tiji Celebration. The excursion is already open, seats are limited thus hustle up a bit and reserve your place.
you are always welcome.

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