Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Nepal the nation of various landscapes, incorporates four climatic seasons. Spring(March-May), Summer(June-August), Autumn(September-November), and Winter(December-February). Among all these four seasons in Nepal, Monsoon lies between the end of July to September. And the season propounds the different famous Monsoon Treks. 

Though many individuals appear to be impassive about the monsoon trek because of heavy rainfall and cloudy atmosphere. But, due to the landscapes of Nepal, there exist places that don’t get rainfall even during the monsoon season. And are appropriate for trekking. 

Trekking in Monsoon is exceptionally appropriate for individuals who prefer isolation. As the path is less packed and not many individuals decide to trek during the Monsoon season. If you wish to encounter the confined and uncrowded trek in some well-known trekking trail of Nepal. Then the Monsoon trek without a doubt is for you. 

Mustang and Manang district is the region across the mountain in Nepal. So Upper Mustang and Annapurna Circuit Trek are the best trekking places for monsoon season. Likewise, Upper Dolpo Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek, Dhawalagiri also receives low rainfall and are also appropriate for Monsoon Trek.

Top Monsoon Treks in Nepal

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trekking is one of the best Monsoon Treks in Nepal. It is voted as the best long-distance trip in the world. It includes the wide varieties of climatic zones, a dramatic range of geography, and most significantly the unique culture and people. In Nepal, Annapurna Circuit Trekking lies within the Annapurna Mountain Range of Central Nepal. 

Moreover, it is an appealing journey into a divine world that is approximately 160 to 230 km which leads you up to the pristine Thorong La Pass. This sensational trekking wins the heart of both beginners and experienced ones. 

This classy Annapurna trek tour involves the most beautiful trekking trails which offer you an elegant view of the world’s seventh and tenth highest mountains Dhaulagiri (8,167m) and Annapurna (8,091m). Similarly, the deepest Gorge of the world at Kali Gandaki River is mesmerizing. 

This Annapurna trekking trail also offers graceful mountain views that include Machhapuchhre, Manaslu, Gangapurna, Tilicho Peak, Pisang Peak, and many other snow-capped mountains above 6,000m. Exploration of biodiversity at Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) would never come second in your trip. 

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Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trekking in Nepal gives a Magnificent adventure journey of Upper Mustang and Lo Manthang. This trek is also one of the appropriate monsoon treks in Nepal. This is located in the northwest Himalayan range. The place is situated between Tibetan plateau and Dhaulagiri- Annapurna Himalayan range inside the Mustang region of Nepal.

Upper Mustang is a large high valley, arid and dry, characterized by eroded canyons, colorful stratified rock formations and has a barren, desert-like appearance. One of the most interesting features of Mustang is hundreds of cliff dwellings, some of which look completely inaccessible. The most recent theory is that they may date 8-10,000 BC when Mustang was a much greener land.

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Upper Dolpo Trek

This trek is one of the longest trekking routes situated at a remote and far west Himalayan range of Nepal. Upper Dolpo was a forbidden land to trekkers until 1996. The Upper Dolpo Trail offers lifetime experience for trekkers who want to explore the remote, wild, magical, and mysterious region in the Himalaya – the land of Dolpo.

Moreover, Upper Dolpo Trekking is among one of the best monsoon treks in Nepal.

Besides, one can also achieve an incredible experience of stepping back in time while trekking along the rugged trails through traditional mountain settlements that have a stronghold and are influenced by Pre-Buddhist, Bon-Po religion and Tibetan Buddhist Culture with largely unchanged Tibetan culture that dates back to 1200 years.

Sandwiched between the Tibetan Plateau and the Dhaulagiri Himalayan Ranges – Upper & Lower Dolpo covers Nepal’s largest National Park – Shey Phoksundo National Park. The park is home to many species of wildlife including Musk Deer, Himalayan Blue Sheep, and Snow Leopard. This trekking trip allows one to explore the ancient trading routes linking Nepal and Tibet.

During the Upper Dolpo Trail, we will meet yak herders who sustain their lives in yak wool tents with their trading caravans and in the stunning landscapes that blend perfectly with the Trans-Himalaya.

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Rara Lake Trek

Rara Lake is the largest lake in Nepal, is a beautiful and tranquil lake that lies within Rara National Park in the remote far northwest region of Nepal. This Rara Lake trekking trip is one of the less explored and astounding journey to the remote Karnali region of Nepal. And also is the suitable monsoon treks in Nepal.

Rara Lake Trekking contains additional features since the park is home to many species of birds and animals including Himalayan black bear, Himalayan Thar, musk deer, goral, leopard, and wild boars. The Rara Lake Trek is an excellent opportunity for exploring the less reached areas of Nepal and the regions’ fabulous flora and fauna. During the summertime, the area gets low rainfall is an ideal time for Trekking. Similarly, during winter – we can view often snowfall surrounding the lake. Autumn and spring is the best season for Rara Lake Trek.  

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Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu Valley Trekking in Nepal consists of Nar and Phu two separate hidden valleys trekking opportunities. And is located inside the Annapurna region of Nepal. It was opened for tourists in 2003 as a restricted area (need to issue restricted area permit). This trek is a comparatively less beaten and remote trekking region of Nepal.

Nar Phu valley lies in the rain shadow of Annapurna Circuit and is situated to the north of massive Annapurna. Nar Phu Valley Trek comprises an exploration of rich natural wonders, fascinating culture, and inspiring tradition. The trek is a perfect match for trekkers wanting to discover the hidden wonders of the unexplored region of Nepal.

Furthermore, Nar Phu Valley Trekking is one of the best monsoon treks in Nepal.

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