Most Scenic Flights in Nepal

Sightseeing is one of the major parts of the journey. Sightseeing provides an opportunity to have a close insight into nature and its pristine qualities. Aerial sightseeing is also an important way to witness the natural grandeur, experience different people and their cultures in great luxury. Here is this article we are going to talk about the most scenic flights in Nepal. Nepal is very rich in natural beauty. The Himalayan Mountains are beautiful and majestic. The snowcapped peaks and their rugged outline are just breathtaking. Similarly, the culture and heritages are awesome.

Scenic Flights in Nepal are apt to explore the diverse terrain of Nepal from the window seat of the plane. Nepal’s domestic flight journeys are laden with excitement and an incredible natural backdrop. The journey offers a new perspective of the journey. Commuters on board can get a glimpse of bewildering sights that have never been seen before.

Additionally, a scenic flight is an opportunity to witness breathtaking views of the Himalayas from a birds-eye perspective. Therefore, when in Nepal, do gift yourself with one aerial experience and relish the majestic Himalayan beauty from a new perspective.

The scenic flights are best for those who don’t have enough time to go for subsequent hikes. It is also suitable for those who are not fit to go for high-altitude treks. Additionally, these kinds of flights are best for family holidays. Scenic flights are best to witness the real grandeur and richness of nature.

We are proud to provide you with the best scenic flight experience in Nepal. We offer an opportunity of a lifetime to see our Himalayan peaks up close and personal. Below is a short description of some of the hand-picked scenic flights in Nepal.

Highlights of the Scenic Flights in Nepal

  • To enjoy the fantastic and close up mountain views, lakes, and glaciers
  • Best for the people who are not physically fit for hikes and who don’t have leisure
  • Daily flight
  • Flight with a guaranteed window seat
  • Luxurious journey
  • Best for family vacations
  • Short time, more to see
  • Affordable

Everest Experience Flight in Kathmandu

There is no better option than the Everest Experience Flight in Nepal if you have the ambition to see the tremendous white Himalayas from a bird’s eye perspective. It is one of the most scenic flights in Nepal. You can do this so easily by choosing the Everest Experience Flight in Kathmandu. The flight is scheduled every day from Tribhuvan International Airport. The scenes during the flight are breathtaking and magical. You will have the best vistas in the icy fields of the Himalayas. In this journey, the enchanting scenery will be underneath you. The pilot invites passengers into the cockpit to get a broad perspective of the mountain at once. Nothing compares to the sheer beauty of the dazzling mountains with their virgin glory. This fantastic flight is an experience of a lifetime as it recollects the memories to cherish for eternity. This is the best mountain flight in the world as the memories of this journey are incomparable and forever remain in our hearts and mind.

Kathmandu to Lukla Flight

Lukla is the gateway to Everest. Lukla Airport is famous as the world’s dangerous airport. Lukla airport is located in the Solukhumbu district of Province No.1. The airport is very dangerous for its strategic location and short runway. Moreover, it is surrounded by massive mountain peaks. Flying from 1400 meters altitude at Kathmandu, you will have the most astonishing variation of altitude within a short period.

The flight to Lukla itself is an unimagined adventure for most of the passengers. It is a lifetime experience and falls among the scenic flights in Nepal. The location and structure of the airport offer the best experience in the world. Similarly, the scenes during the flight are out of this world. Flying amidst the giant green hills and overlooking the majestic snowcapped peak is beautiful than the heaven you have ever imagined. The flight also includes the beautiful scenes of the terraced fields, rivers, snowy fields, green hillsides, beautiful villages etc. This flight is a combo of joy and mesmerizing experience. I think it is one of Nepal’s most scenic flights.

Kathmandu to Pokhara Flight

Pokhara is the heart of tourism in Nepal. It is the most beautiful city in Nepal for a wide range of tourist activities. The flight to Pokhara is among the best scenic flights in the world. The 30 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara is probably one of the busiest domestic flights in the world. Soaking up the sheer natural beauty from the window seat, most trekkers start their Annapurna Base Camp Trek or any other treks in the Annapurna region with a flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu.

This is one of the most delightful journeys in Nepal. During the flight, travelers get to savor the mountainous splendor of the chains of craggy hills and tranquil Lakes. As the flight approaches Pokhara, the sky dominating the Annapurna range along with Dhaulagiri and Machhapuchhre appear before your eyes.

Furthermore, you will surely be attracted by the sensational natural beauty of the city. The city is not famous for sightseeing only. It is also famous for the incredible adventurous activities for daredevils. Similarly, from your window seat, you will get the most beautiful scene of walled valleys and razor-sharp ridges overlapped by the spectacular mountain range surrounding Pokhara valley.

The flight overall is best for the splendid natural grandeur. It is so relaxing. The beautiful vistas of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhre from the plane are so much rewarding. This is one of the not-to-be-missed journeys in Nepal. It is best for family holidays.

Bharatpur to Pokhara Flight

Chitwan district is another most famous place for tourism in Nepal. The scenic flight from Bharatpur to Pokhara is a short inbound flight in Nepal that takes commuters from the southern plains to the central hills of Nepal. The flight duration is about 20 minutes. The flight is one of the best journeys because you will have splendid scenery during this short journey. Bharatpur lies in the Terai region of Nepal, which is a flatlands with no high Hill. In contrast, Pokhara lies in a hilly area surrounded by ample green hills and towering mountain peaks.

Most commuters on this flight tend to fly from Pokhara to Bharatpur to taste the wilderness of Nepal after witnessing beguiling mountains also. In this short flight, fliers get a chance to see the changing landscape while in the air. The beginning of the flight allows you to grasp the beauty in the vast plains of terrain, and then, the flight smoothly transitions to the mountainous terrain of Pokhara. Most passengers fly to serenade themselves with immaculate mountain scenes after spending quality time in the dense tropical forests of Nepal. Overall, it is a fantastic flight route with changing scenery to entice the commuters.

Pokhara to Jomsom Flight

Nepal is a beautiful country with the most diverse geographical terrain. The beautiful hills and mountains in the north and the undulating plains of the south attract everyone in general. Here are a lot of things to cherish. Hills, Mountains, Rivers, Gorges, Forests, Lakes, fountains, etc. are enough to surprise you. Pokhara to Jomsom Flight is also one of the best scenic flights in Nepal.

Pokhara to Jomsom flight is a beautiful flight journey in the Himalayas that lasts for about 25 minutes. Lifting off from the green surrounding of Pokhara, the flight lands at the Jomsom airport surrounded by the barren hills backed by snow-blanketed peaks. Mostly opted by pilgrims as Jomsom is the gateway for sacred Muktinath temple, commuters heading to the arid Mustang region also fly this route.

There are other mediums such as land routes to reach these destinations, yet one would miss the splendid inflight experience of seeing fascinating landscapes and ghastly flowing rivers. Moreover, it is also an excellent choice for travelers who want to get away from the hoarding crowd of travelers. Nevertheless, the place does get many pilgrims, so the trip ahead of the flight allows one to witness a spiritual journey of a person traveling to seek salvation.


Nepal has the most diverse landscape. The altitude varies from 59 meters to 8,848.86 meters. The vast plains, rugged hills, snowy mountains, swiftly flowing rivers, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, etc. attract everyone. The natural beauty of the country soothes your mental agony. On looking at such beautiful natural vistas, one will have a spiritual awakening. The journey is so relaxing and rewarding.

Mountain flights are the best options to explore the excellence of Mother Nature. The flights too are worthwhile and rewarding. If you are thinking of tasting the enthralling Himalayas of Nepal, just go once on the scenic mountain flight to the Himalayas. The aerial view of Mother Nature and her grandness is unimagined. Also, aerial experiences in Nepal are not limited to plane journeys only. One can choose to touch the inaccessible and remotest places of Nepal with helicopter tours as well. All in all, make sure you relish the stunning terrain of Nepal from both land and air for an extraordinary experience in Nepal.

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