Nepal Guide Treks against real Earthquake Victims

May 30, 2015 – The killer earthquake and dangerous aftershocks since April 25, 2015 not only ruined the tourism attractions, also affect whole nation. More than 8,000 peoples were killed, around 20,000 peoples were injured. We are deeply distressed by the massive destruction of earthquake. We lost our physical forms of our culture, art, architecture, human lives and many more.

Nepal Guide Treks team decided to raise helping hands over the real victim who has already been suffering from accommodation, foods and other essential materials. We thought it’s not possible to distribute relief for all victims throughout the country and decided to contribute to most influenced Gorkha District which was the epicenter of 7.8 magnitude earthquake.  We tried to do best contribution over there by recognizing the actual needs and requirements of locals.

The condition of place we visited was in miserable condition. There was no any single family who was not in grief of their loved ones who got massacred in this devasting   calamity. Almost all people’s house was not in condition to live again. We found children and old peoples were mostly scared. We hope the horrible moment will not remain constant and we can rise again.

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