NGT’s contribution for Victim Schools

It has been 3 months since we tolerated a devastating earthquake in Nepal and still, we are greatly tamed from subsequent aftershocks. It has been reported that the death toll stands at nearly 9000, more than 22000 have been injured and thousands of children are left Orphaned. The full extent of damage is still being assessed by the National and International community continuously. Centuries-old buildings, most of the historical monuments, temples are just in vivid but we do have hope and faith to maintain the glory of Nepal.

Nepal Guide Treks is not associated with only Tourism Business. It is always believed that walking together with local people, society, and the whole country along with tourism helps to achieve endless success. The first phase of the Nepal Guide Treks team was Earthquake Volunteering Trip to Gorkha District, where a powerful epicenter hit and shook the whole country into grief. It is the main and predominant reason to organize a second phase relief material distribution by Nepal Guide Treks Team. The most immediate priority list we discovered in the early phase through the trekking route in affected areas is children and education though there are other glaring problems that are not precise to overcome. In most of the areas, Children are mostly affected. They are not able to cope with the existing environment till now. So, we headed towards Gorkha to magnify the children’s metaphysical beauty and future to some extent. As we know education is the main weapon for children, we helped to re-construct and renovate 2 schools: Bhagawat Secondary School, Dhawa 3, Gorkha, and Bal Jyoti Primary, Dhawa 1, Gorkha. We provided some Building materials for the reconstruction and maintenance of those schools. We distributed studying materials to students and managed to show animated movies as well. We distributed 30 pieces of tent and Zink plates by selecting the people who are deprived of relief materials yet. A small help from a person can make a significant difference in one’s life. All the efforts and appreciation are heartily welcomed.

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