One day in Kathmandu

Every traveler who travels in Nepal stays at least a day in Kathmandu. The capital city Kathmandu is one of the most beautiful cities in the nation. The gorgeous Kathmandu consists of various extraordinary places consisting of historical and cultural importance.

Likewise, in terms of natural beauty, there are abundant hills surrounding Kathmandu that enhance the beauty of fabulous Kathmandu. On the other hand, the hills also offer a spectacular view of majestic mountain ranges.

The city is popular with the name, “the city of Temples”. As the name suggests there is an abundant number of temples in the city itself. Among all those numbers of temples, the famous temple Pashupatinath is the oldest pagoda style temple of Nepal.

Kathmandu is also the center of Nepal’s history, culture, art, and economy. Kathmandu has a multi-ethnic population with the majority of Hindu and Buddhist and is the home of the Newars.

In 2013, TripAdvisor ranked Kathmandu as third among the top 10 upcoming travel destinations in the whole world.

There are numerous lovely places that you can visit inside Kathmandu. Kathmandu is crowded but is a world of its own. From hiking trails, temples, UNESCO world heritage sites, monasteries, museums, shopping malls, local shops, farmer markets, agricultural farmlands, and traditional villages. Kathmandu is an ideal spot to comprehend and appreciate the Nepali lifestyle.

Places to visit in a day in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Durbar Square

It is one of the most known and visited World Heritage Sites of Nepal and is situated at the core of Kathmandu. Kathmandu Durbar Square offers astounding architecture and clearly grandstands the skills of the Newar artists and craftsmen for more than a few centuries. 

Durbar Square is the major point of attraction for guests because it reveals the historical foundation of architecture and the culture of Nepal. The Durbar Square holds historical significance because it held the crowning ordinance of King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev in 1975 and King Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev in 2001.

Likewise, the attractions of Kathmandu Durbar Square include Gaddi Baithak, Basantapur Tower ( Nine Storey Palace), Kumari Ghar, Taleju Temple, Kal Bhairav, Swet Bhairav and many more. 

Pashupatinath Temple

Pashupatinath is the most religious and sacred place of Hindus. The sacred Hindu temple is also enlisted in the UNESCO world heritage site. This extreme territory is located 5 kilometers north-east of Kathmandu Valley on the bank of Holy Bagmati River. 

It is also the biggest temple complex in Nepal, that extends on the two sides of the Bagmati River. Pashupatinath falls under one of the four most significant religious destinations in Asia for devotees of Lord Shiva.

The main temple Pashupatinath, the Ghats and the Guhyeshwari Temple are the attractions around the Pashupatinath premises.

Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa remains the biggest stupa of Nepal and furthermore of Asia. It is located at the northeastern edges of Kathmandu and is the sacred spot for Buddhist individuals. In 1979 UNESCO enrolled the Boudhanath Stupa as the world heritage site. 

The Ajima/Harati Shrine and the Tamang Gompa is the significant fascination of Boudhanath alongside the Stupa itself.

Enjoy an early morning or evening stroll around the inspiring white dome filled with energy. Furthermore, observe the devout passersby, light a butter lamp, and send a prayer where you wish. And also look around for souvenirs, or observe all from a nearby rooftop restaurant, coffee in hand.

Take an early morning or evening walk around the astounding white dome buzzing with vitality; watch the dedicated bystanders, light a butter lamp and send a petition where you wish, buy souvenirs, or observe all from a close-by rooftop cafe taking coffee in hand.

Swayambhunath Temple

Located at a hilltop in the west of Kathmandu city Swayambhunath Temple offers the astounding perspective on the Kathmandu Valley. The people also identify the temple as the famous “Monkey Temple”.

Swayambhu overlooks many parts of the Kathmandu valley giving guests an all-encompassing perspective on the city. The stupa has remained as a sign of faith and harmony for quite a long time with Hindu temples and gods incorporated in this Buddhist site.

The significant fascination of the Swayambhunath incorporates the Stupa, Valley View Point, Swayambhunath Buddhist Museum, Western Stupa, World Peace Pond, and the Buddha Park. The Swayambhunath Temple is among the consecrated sites for the Buddhist pilgrims.


Thamel is a harbor for vacationers visiting the city. It contains various restaurants, hotels, and shops that provide food explicitly to western tourists. It is situated in the northern locale of Kathmandu past the administration region on Tridevi Marj.

Thamel is a simple stroll from anyplace in focal Kathmandu. Despite the fact that the streets can be bustling during the day, and traffic can be very substantial.

Go for a stroll around Thamel. It is where Hippies stayed in the 1960s. With narrow gullies, stone-paved streets, the smell of local incense sticks, prayer flags, and traditional folk music playing in the background, it makes it a very enriching experience.

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