Treks in Nepal | Short Treks in Nepal

What is Trekking?

Trekking in the simple words is long and difficult journey. In other words, it is a journey on foot, especially in the mountains. Treks in Nepal afford the practical acquaintance of people, place and pleasure and is the most popular activity of Nepal. Wikipedia defines, “Trekking is a form of walking, undertaken with the specific purpose of exploring and enjoying the scenery. It usually takes place on trails in areas of relatively unspoiled wilderness.”

Trekking encompasses walking, camping and climbing too. It is an extended journey. Since it is physically demanding and extended journey, you need to understand every technical aspect associated with it.

Treks to Nepal

Nepal is a country of unlimited potentials for trekking and other tourism related activities. Approximately, two thirds of the total tourists, who come to Nepal in a year, are attracted by this activity. It has been developed as an important commercial activity since its inception in 1960s.

Nepal is a home of some of the magnificent peaks of the world. Out of the 14 eight thousanders, eight mountains dwell in Nepal. The tallest mountain of the world Mount Everest has been a mystery to many of us. Many people have a yearning interest to go to the Everest once in a lifetime. You would definitely not find such a rich constellation of mountains in the world like in the Everest Region. Everest Region is the most famous destination for Trekking in Nepal. Besides Everest Region, Annapurna Region, Manaslu Region and Langtang Valley subsequently occupy their popularities.

Nepal offers a few days’ hike to the month long trekking. Each trekking destinations have their distinctive value and features. All of these trekking regions have been featuring unique natural features, bio-diversity, cultural and religious heritages etc. Strolling around any trekking trails will definitely invigorate your soul and inspire your sense. Additionally, Treks in Nepal is not only about witnessing jaw-dropping mountains but also acknowledging Nepali culture and Nepalese ways of life.

Highlights of Treks in Nepal:

  • World’s highest mountains
  • Glaciers, Lakes, Rivers, Waterfalls, Forests, etc.
  • Nepali Tradition, Culture, and Festivals
  • Explore quaint villages and people of diverse ethnic groups
  • Hidden Valleys and their wonderful vistas
  • Diverse range of animal and plants
  • Nepali cultural and historical heritages.
  • Adventure Sports
  • Scenic Flight

Best Treks in Nepal

Treks in Nepal afford the practical acquaintance of people, place and pleasure. Undoubtedly, trekking is the most popular activity many tourists prefer to do in Nepal. Trekking is an adventure that is best for recreation as well as physical and mental health. Going for a trekking is also the test of your endurance power.

Many international journals also state that Nepal is one of the best countries to visit. It is naturally blessed, culturally diverse, ethnically unique, and geographically unbelievable country. Hardly a few lands of the world as small as Nepal harbour such incredible contrasts and complexities. The diverse landscapes, dense swampy forests, lush green valleys, bleak alpine highlands, splashing rivers, fantastic snow peaks etc all expose the glamorous beauty of Nepal.

When you see the astonishing natural vistas of nature, it not only illuminates your vision of fancy but also redeems your boredom or dismentality. At the same time treks in Nepal refreshes your mind and mood. Treks in Nepal are the best activities to taste the excellent flavour of varied life-style, tradition and culture, above all the progress and prosperity of the Nepalese People. Trekking in Nepal does have a close relation with the purity of your soul and intellectuality of your mind.

Best things to do During Treks in Nepal:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Sunrise View
  • Glacial Walk
  • Sightseeing
  • Exploring Traditional Villages
  • Mountain Views
  • Photography
  • Homage to the pilgrimage
  • Study People, cultural and Traditions
  • Study incredible varieties of flora and fauna
  • Watch Festivals

Trekking has become one of the most important commercial activities in Nepal so far. Nepal also operates some of the exclusive trekking activities and some of them are well acknowledged by the travellers across the globe. Nepal exhibits dozens of the panoramic and striking trekking destinations. Everest and Annapurna Region have some of the most extraordinary and beautiful treks of Nepal.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Nepal has many beautiful places. One of the most extraordinary and beautiful places in the world is Everest Base Camp. It is located at the eastern flank of Nepal in the lap of Mount Everest (8,848m), the tallest mountain of the world. Everest Base Camp is the most popular destination in Nepal. The profoundly spiritual land, resting on the kind lap of the Himalayas does comprise the cross section of Human culture and natural habitats. It is blessed with unique natural beauty and mind-blowing geographical features.

Everest Base camp Trek comprises a scenic flight to Lukla, Hikes to Namche, Khumjung and Phakding, and exploration of Sagarmatha National Park. This trek encompasses Kalapatthar which is the best viewpoint in the Everest Region. Besides that this trek is also popular for having the best views of stunning peaks and glaciers. In addition to this, Everest Base Camp Treks provides you the most suitable platform to observe the Sherpa and their entire civilizations. Everest Base Camp Trek blows your mind with sheer beauty of nature. Just a single visit to this heavenly place is enough to cast a captivating effect in the memory of the visitors forever and ever.

Highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Spectacular view of Mount Everest and other peaks
  • Kala patthar (5,545m): best viewpoints in the region
  • Nepal’s biggest Khumbu and longest Ngozumpa Glaciers
  • The oldest and biggest monastery: Tengboche Monastery
  • Pristine landscapes, admirable culture, lofty mountains etc.

Everest Base Camp Trek Facts

Difficulty: Moderate to Adventurous/ Level 3 (Medium)
Remoteness: Not that much remote
Cost: $1300 to 1500 (Medium)
Best Season: Spring(March –May) and Autumn(October-November)
Accommodation: Guesthouses and Lodge
Permit: Sagarmatha National Park Entry, Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit
Maximum Elevation: Kala Patthar (5,545m)

Interested in Everest Base Camp Trek then here is the package of Everest Base Camp Trek.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Annapurna Base Camp Trek is the first commercial trek in Nepal. It is quite easy and short trek in comparison to other high altitude treks in Nepal. This trekking is the most amazing walk through diverse landscapes and culture. It does contain the extraordinary variety of eco-systems. The phenomenal climate, rich heritages of Gurung Communities amidst the shadow of Machhapuchhre and Dhaulagiri are fabulous. You will enjoy incredible scenery, engaging culture, comfortable accommodation in this trip.

Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

  • Step on to ABC (4,130m): foot of world’s 10th highest Mountain
  • Short hike to Poonhill and view sunrise
  • Rich in bio- diversity and Culture
  • Close up views of candid mountain peaks

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Facts

Difficulty: Strenuous
Remoteness: Not remote
Cost: USD $ 1000 to 1200 (Cheap)
Best Season: Spring(March –May) and Autumn(October-November)
Accommodation: Teahouse
Permit: ACAP and TIMS
Maximum Elevation: Annapurna Base Camp (4,130m)

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Ghorepani Poonhill Trek

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is one of the iconic trekking destinations of the Annapurna Region. Poonhill, which is also very popular as a vintage point for the exotic sunrise view, is the Key highlight of this trek. This trek is also popularly known as Annapurna Panorama Trek. Poonhill (3,210m) gives invigorating view of Annapurna I, II, III and IV along with Dhaulagiri ranges, Lamjung Himal, Gangapurna, Manaslu etc.

The Annapurna Poonhill Trekking is classified as a moderate trek because of its steep terrain, high elevation and basic facilities.

Highlights of Ghorepani Poonhill Trek

  • Spectacular sunrise and sunset view
  • Best views of Dhaulagiri Range, Annapurna Range, Machhapuchhere, Nilgiri, Hiunchuli, Mardi Himal etc.
  • Unique Magar Culture
  • Quaint Villages
  • Lush green forests, hills and hilarious flora and fauna

Interested in Ghorepani Poonhill Trek, then here is the package of Ghorepani Poonhill Trek.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtng Region is the nearest trekking destination from Kathmandu Valley. It is easy and can be undertaken within short period of time. This trek is suitable for anyone with moderate physical condition and who don’t have much time. This trek features Ganjala Pass (5,122m) and Gosaikunda Lake. Gasaikunda is a sacred lake and a pilgrimage site for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims. Moreover, the company of green rhododendron and bamboo forests, majestic waterfalls, and snow-capped Himalayas make the trek one of most diverse treks near Kathmandu.

Langtang Valley Trek is also about exploring the diverse culture of the Tibetan descendants. The natural landscapes are truly worth capturing in your lens. Ganjala Pass is certainly an adventurous journey. If you travel to this region during spring, you will find whole region being flourished with the rich blooms of rhododendrons.

A visit to the Langtang Valley offers an opportunity to explore Tibetan villages, Tamang Villages, to climb small peaks and to visit glaciers at a comfortably low elevation.

Highlights of Langtang Valley Trek

  • Climb Ganja La pass (5,112m)
  • Explore Gasaikunda
  • Rich Tamang Heritages
  • Explore Helambu Village
  • Langtang National Park
  • White water rafting

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Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the best trekking destinations in the Mid-Western Nepal. Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain of the world. Manaslu Circuit Trek is the circular trek around Mount Manaslu. Known as Mountain of Spirit, Manaslu is less explored than other equivalent trekking destinations such as Everest Base Camp or Annapurna Circuit. This trekking route is technically straightforward and remote. It has tranquil trails with pristine landscapes. The region has rich Tibetan-style villages. This trekking offers a fabulous experience of an adventurous journey.

Highlights of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Spectacular view of Mount Manaslu and other peaks
  • Larkya La Pass (5,160m), the highest point on Manaslu Circuit Trek
  • Exploration of Manaslu Conservation Area
  • Adherent people, rich culture and historical villages and hidden treasures

Manaslu Circuit Trek Facts

Difficulty: Hard
Remoteness: Remote
Cost: USD$ 1500 to 1700
Best Season: Spring(March –May) and Autumn(October-November)
Accommodation: Teahouse and Lodge
Permit: Restricted Area Permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, Manaslu Conservation Area Permit,
Maximum Elevation: Larkya La Pass (5,160m)

Upper Mustang Trek

Manang and Mustang are two semi arid districts of Nepal. Upper Mustang Trek is a most popular trek so far. This trek offers you an amazing experience of rugged terrain. En route you will have an amazing view of Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and other Himalayas. Hidden behind the majestic Himalayan ranges, Manang is a hidden paradise in Nepal. It has deep ravines and rock shelves. Caves carved into sheer cliff walls in Mustang attract many people into the region.

Highlights of Upper Mustang Trek

  • Lo Manthang- the ancient capital of Lo: an ancient Kingdom
  • Mysterious Caves and Geographical Variations
  • Oldest monasteries
  • Tibetan descendents and their awe inspiring cultures

Upper Mustang Trek Facts

Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Remoteness: Very remote
Cost: USD $ 1600 to 1800 (Medium)
Best Season: Spring(March –May) and Autumn(October-November)
Accommodation: Teahouses and Lodge
Permit: Restricted Area Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit
Maximum Elevation: Dhakmar (3,810m)

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is all about crossing the High Himalayan Passes at around Dhaulagiri Massif. Mt. Dhaulagiri (8,167m) is the 7th Highest Mountain of the world located at the Western Central of Nepal. Dhaulagiri, popularly known as White Mountain, is a toughest but best circuit trek in Nepal. The round trek around mount Dhaulagiri involves crossing two major passes: French Pass (5,360m) and Dhampus Pass (5,250m). This is a demanding trek because the success of this trek solely depends upon excellent physical condition and basic mountaineering skills.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is a real adventure trekking. It is the best trek to explore a wild, remote and off-the beaten trek of the Himalayas. This trek is chiefly attractive also because more than fifteen magnificent peaks over 7,000m dwell here with the land of dramatic contrast. Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek offers a wider range of climatic experience, geographical pristine, cultural amalgamation.

Highlights of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

  • 7th highest peak of the world, Dhaulagiri
  • Dhaulagiri Massif, Annapurna Range, Machhapuchhre and others.
  • Deepest gorge of the world: Kali Gandaki
  • French Pass (5,360m) and Dhampus Pass (5,240m)
  • 15 magnificent peaks above 7000m
  • Varieties of landscape, culture, ethnic diversity, off the beaten trails, uninhabited settlements, flora and fauna (abundant alpine flowers)

Nar Phu Valley Trek

Nar Phu Valley Trek is a newly discovered trek in Nepal. It has been considered as a special trekking in the Annapurna Region since 2003. This trek avails remote and hidden valley: Nar Phu of the upper Mustang. Therefore, this trek is also popular for hidden heritages. The Kang La Pass (5,306m) is the highest elevation of this trek. Unbelievable views of Annapurna Massif, Manaslu, Pisang Peak, Langtang and Varoius peaks, glaciers, narrow Canyons, tranquil trails and interesting rock formations are major highlights of this trek. Besides that, remote villages and unique Himalayan culture enthral everyone. The Phu Valley on the other hand holds a special significance for the Buddhist world.

Highlights of Nar Phu Valley Trek

  • Crossing Kang La Pass (5,306m)
  • Hidden Valley: Nar Phu Valley
  • Beautiful Phu Valley and Thashi Gompa
  • Thorong La Pass, Tilicho Lake and Mesokanta La Pass as side trek

Nar Phu Valley Trek Facts

Difficulty: Moderate
Remoteness: Very remote
Cost: USD $ 1800 to 2000 (Moderate)
Best Season: Spring(March –May) and Autumn(October-November)
Accommodation: Teahouse and Campaign
Permit: Restricted Area Permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit, Trekking Information Management System (TIMS)
Maximum Elevation: Nagdalo La Pass (5,350m)

Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek is a classic trek around Annapurna Massif that passes through Thorong La Pass (5,416m). This trek also penetrates through the world’s deepest Kali Gandaki Gorge. This trek encompasses panoramic views of exotic mountains from Poonhill. Moreover, Annapurna Circuit Trek also takes you to Manang, Jomsom and Muktinath. This trek offers you diverse Nepali landscapes and culture. For scenery and cultural diversity, this has long been considered the best trek in Nepal and one of the world’s best classic walks. This trek is also commercial and well established trek in Nepal.

Highlights of Annapurna Circuit Trek

  • Cross over Thorong La pass (5,416)
  • World’s deepest gorge: Kali Gandaki
  • Short hike to Poonhill and view sunrise
  • Natural hot spring at Tatopani
  • Pilgrimage at Muktinath
  • Rich in bio- diversity and Culture
  • Beautiful Manang Village
  • Close up views of candid mountain peaks: Manaslu, Hiunchuli,

Annapurna Circuit Trek Facts

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Remoteness: Not remote
Cost: USD $ 1000 to 1200 (Cheap)
Best Season: Spring(March –May) and Autumn(October-November)
Accommodation: Teahouse Lodge
Permit: ACAP and TIMS
Maximum Elevation: Thorong La Pass (5,416m)

Gokyo Cho La Pass Trek/Everest Circuit Trek

Gokyo valley is the centre of attractions because of the glacial lakes and glaciers. Gokyo Cho La pass Trekking is one of the most strenuous and adventurous trekking. This trekking is often referred as Everest Circuit Trek. This trek follows the route that passes through Cho La Pass into Everest Base Camp. Gokyo Ri (5,480m) is another major attraction of this trek. From Gokyo Ri you will have stunning mountain scenery of Makalu, Everest and Cho Oyu. This is the most fascinating and admired trek as it includes EBC, Kalapatther, Tengboche Monastery and other major highlights of the Khumbu region. This is unspoiled and untamed world of Himalayas. This trek is an adventurous and mesmerizing experience of Himalayan Vistas.

Highlights of Gokyo Cho La Pass Trek

  • Hospitable Gokyo Village
  • Five emerald green lakes
  • Cross over Cho La Pass
  • Climb Gokyo Ri
  • Trek to Everest Base Camp
  • Incredible Mountain Scenery

Gokyo Cho La Pass Trek Facts

Difficulty: Moderate
Remoteness: Not that much Remote
Cost: USD $ 1300 to 1500 (Medium)
Best Season: Spring(March –May), Autumn(October-November), Winter (December- February)
Accommodation: Teahouse
Permit: TIMS
Maximum Elevation: Cho La Pass (5,330m)

Short Treks in Nepal

Nepal offers some of the exotic trekking destinations in the world. It is best destinations for adventure seekers. Besides that it is the spiritual land which meets your quest for typical culture and traditions. The land of diversities, Nepal meets your every kind of aspirations. Additionally, Nepal is the best destinations for some of the best short treks. These short treks are exclusive, budget friendly, and most importantly it is suitable for all those who have the short of time. Let’s have some insight about such treks in Nepal.

Everest View Trek

Everest View Trek is one of the ideal short treks in Nepal. If you are short of time and still want to have best experiences in the Himalayas, there is no other better option than Everest View Trek. This trekking package will save your time and energy as well as you can experience every wilderness of the extended visit to the Everest Regions.

Everest View Trek is an ideal choice for sightseeing, photography and honeymoon trip. Besides that it is most apt to excite your adventure spirit. This trek also bestows all the major highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek but with a very few days.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley is the nearest trekking destination from Kathmandu Valley. It is very short, cheap and accessible. At the same time, this trekking destination is a less crowded one. Langtang Valley Trek provides you an incredible opportunity to traverse through beautiful Tamang Villages, Magnificent landscapes, Densely Forested Areas, Himalayan Valleys, White Water Rivers, Ceaseless Waterfalls, Monasteries, and endless Himalayan Heritages. This trekking is the best for glaciers, mountains and diverse floras and faunas. The Langtang National Park has enchanting biome as well.

Kathmandu Valley Trek

Kathmandu Valley is the fertile land of our glorious civilization. Kathmandu Valley is very famous for observing typical Nepali art, culture and traditions. Kathmandu being the capital city of Nepal holds the high density of population and it seems to be little unmanaged. But the fact is that it is a city of temples. Kathmandu valley alone comprises 7 important world heritage sites. This trek provides an excellent platform for you to witness marvellous craftsmanship of Nepalese people, Nepali cultural harmony, and religious tolerance of the people of various backgrounds.

Kathmandu Valley is very famous for sightseeing. Kathmandu Valley Trek is all about witnessing the important landmarks of unique importance, basically the world identified heritages. Similarly, Kathmandu Valley Trek encompasses short hikes around the most popular hill station like Nagarkot, Lakuri Bhangyang, Sundarijal, Dakshinkali, Kakani, etc.

Dhampus Sarangkot Trek

Dhampus Sarangkot Trek is yet another featured trekking destination in Nepal. Sarangkot is a popular viewpoint and Dhampus is a typically diverse village. Sarangkot provides you the best views of the most beautiful peaks including Machhapuchhre, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Massif. On the other hand Dhampus village presents you the authentic flavour of Nepali culture and traditions.

Dhampus Sarangkot Trek is a short, easy, and accessible trek in Nepal. The entire trek incorporates beautiful landscapes, magnificent culture and traditions. The trek is also a popular one to cover Pokhara Valley. This trek has been a popular one because it is the best package for experiencing serenity, fresh cool air, lush forest, astounding landscapes etc.

Challenging Treks in Nepal

Challenging trek in Nepal involves trekking through strenuous high passes and off the beaten trails. Most of trekking route of Nepal are easy and moderate, however there are some strenuous treks which demand a high level of physical fitness and experience. Many treks above 5000 m has been categorised as the technical and challenging treks. Such treks are perfect to experience the real adventure. Many of the treks of the Everest and Annapurna Region come under difficult and challenging treks. Here is short description of some of the popular yet challenging treks of Nepal.

Everest Three High Passes Trek

The Three Passes Trek is the most amazing trekking adventure that makes you encounter with three passes over 5000m in the Everest Region. The Three passes include Renjo La Pass (5,388m), Cho La Pass (5,386m) and Kongma La Pass (5,538m). People always claim that the view of the Mt. Everest and Gokyo Lake from Renjo La Pass is just splendid and incomparable. The matter of the fact is that it is the most complete trek in Nepal as it covers most places of the Everest Region. Getting high on the Everest Three Passes, you will have enthralling sceneries of entire Khumbu region.

The Three High Passes Trek over joys your emotion once you see four over 8000m peaks to a stone’s throw away distance which include Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Makalu and Mt. Cho Oyu. The route covers popular view point like Gokyo Ri, Kala Patthar, Everest Base Camp, Renjo La Pass, Gokyo Lake, Namche Bazaar etc.

If you are looking for a real adventure, this Everest Three Passes Trek would be the best option for you. This is also a great platform to learn and explore the socio economic life of the Himalayas. During the trip, you will meet friendly Sherpa, picturesque villages, great variety of culture, traditions and festivals. The many great varieties of flora and fauna at the Sagarmatha National Park also enrich the locale. On the other hand, you can experience a heaven on the earth.

Upper Dolpo Heli Trek

Dolpo Region is a magical and mystical place. It is also a combo package of trekking as well as helicopter tour. The journey towards less beaten Dolpo Region provides you to witness the most beautiful Shey Phoksundo lake, Shey Gompa. It is a best holiday option for the people of any age and any kind of physical fitness. Moreover, it is the best package for the people having short time space.

The major attractions of this tour are:

  • 360º panoramic aerial view of incredibly beautiful Dolpo and Upper Dolpo Region which offers the stunning mountain panorama including Dhaulagiri (8167m)
  • Aerial view of the most beautiful Kali Gandaki Valley
  • Incredible views Shey Phoksundo Lake and Shey Gompa; an ancient monastery
  • Landing at the incredibly beautiful Juphal; an airstrip and starting point of the trek
  • Photography at the remote and unexplored kingdom
  • Witness the naturally beautiful settlement of the Tibetan descendent
  • Aerial view of the World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu Valley
  • Enjoy the scenic flight from Shey Gompa to Pokhara
  • Study about Tibetan Buddhism and Bon religion

Kanchenjunga Trek

Kanchenjunga Trek is remote and is not as popular as Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp. Very few people go for this trekking. You wouldn’t call this trekking a difficult trek. The trails are straight forward. Only, this trekking is unexplored and unspoilt. Everything looks so fresh and pristine. This journey is fully exotic.

The major factor of the Kanchenjunga difficulty is the altitude. The High Altitude Sickness is most common at such heights. Besides that, unpredictable weather, snowy trails, remote landscapes, and high mountain passes make this journey comparatively difficult

Thorang La Pass Tilicho Lake Trek

Tilicho Lake Thorong La Pass Trek is the trekking that covers two of the most popular highlights of the entire region. Tilicho (4,970m) is the world’s highest glacial lake where as Thorang La Pass (5,416m) is one of the widest and highest pass of the region. It is one of the strenuous trekking journeys in Nepal. Though the beginning seems to be easier, the trek to Tilicho Lake and Thorong La Pass is especially demanding. You will have to climb steep hills, rugged terrain, and icy slopes. The afternoon wind makes it more challenging. Thus, most hikes are undertaken early in the morning. This trek is suitable to the adventurous seekers who are physically fit between 12 to 65 years. Basic mountaineering skills as well as physical fitness training are must for this trek.

Other Challenging Treks in Nepal:

  • Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek
  • Nar Phu Valley Trek
  • Manaslu Circuit Trek

Moderate Treks in Nepal

Nepal is the home of some of the most spectacular treks in the world. Nepal is dramatically suitable to taste the trek of any length and difficulties ranging from easy to moderate to technically difficult one.

The Moderate Treks have been on demand on the recent days. These treks also celebrate all the major highlights of the destinations. All treks are suitable to enjoy adventure, wonderful views, cultural celebrations, diverse terrains of the country etc.

Moderate Treks are winning the hearts of the people because they can enjoy mild walks and enjoy the breathtaking views. There are no distinct variations in such treks because the trails are almost same. The one and only difference is they are moderately difficult and can be undertaken within short periods of time. Read about some popular moderate treks of Nepal below.

Royal Trek

Royal Trek, so named because Prince Charles and his expedition team discovered it during the eighties, is one of the easiest and shortest treks in Nepal. The trek follows the path along the foothill of Mount Annapurna. This trek is a meaningful journey in the Annapurna region because it creates the authentic experience of culture, people and nature. The trek exclusively covers the Pokhara Valley, mind blowing view of the Annapurna Range, terraced rice fields, forests, hills and traditional lifestyle of the Gurung hamlets. The Royal Trek is perfect for the beginners. This trek is the true picture of uniqueness.

Eco Community Trek

Eco Community Trek is an ideal choice to experience the beautiful mountain vistas and the rich cultural heritages of the Annapurna region in Nepal. The trek best suits the interest of the people who want to enjoy short, easy and culturally diverse trip in Nepal. This trek will also get you acquainted with the beautiful Rhododendron forests, sacred Hindu temples, lakes with stunning views of the Annapurna always close to you. The distinct feature of this trek which make it little popular than other treks is, it is a community based trekking plan.

Phulchowki Namobuddha Trek

Phulchowki and Namobuddha Trek is the easiest and shortest trek around Kathmandu Valley. Namobuddha is a very famous Buddhist Pilgrimage whereas Phulchowki is a Hindu Goddess. Therefore, the combine trek offers you the best example of cultural trek in Nepal. Besides them also you can enjoy many other Hindu and Buddhist landmarks on this trek. In addition this Phulchowki is a famous viewpoint which offers the best views of some renowned peaks. On the other hand, Phulchowki is also a popular destination for bird watching because Phulchowki forest is the home of Besra, Black Eagle, Mount Hawk-Eagle, Pheasant, Woodpeckers and many other birds. It preserves amazing enhancement of flora and faunas.

Other Popular Short Treks in Nepal:

  • Langtang Valley Trek: Tamang Heritage Trails
  • Upper Mustang Trek
  • Lower Manaslu Trek
  • Poonhill Trek

Family Treks in Nepal

Spending your holidays together with your family in a beautiful setting is a popular dream of all of us. And Nepal, no doubt, is one of the best options for the Family Trek. The friendly nature of the Nepalese people, warmth of the Nepalese hospitality, and varied culture and traditions let your children come out of the virtual world of mobiles and laptops and acknowledge something that is really practical and meaningful.

Family Treks in Nepal has become a lot more popular in the recent years. This has become one of the best things to nurture the bond of family love and to enjoy some of the quality times with your loved ones. Most trekking regions of Nepal are now open for the kids as well. Additionally, they are short, secure and easier to undertake. There are travel planners and you should not worry much about it. You just pursue your dream and be ready to see the smile that you have never seen before into the face of your children.

Classic Family Treks in Nepal:

  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek
  • Kathmandu Valley Trek
  • Everest Panoroma Trek
  • Ghorepani Poohnill Trek
  • Royal Trekking
  • Panchase Trek
  • Siklish Trek
  • Ghandruk Trek

Best Time to Trek in Nepal

Hiking, Trekking and Climbing in Nepal can be done all the year around. Nepal experiences sub tropical monsoon climate. It is one of the ideal climates in the world. The climatic condition of Nepal itself is very unique that attracts many people from around the world. It experiences moderate climate in average.

However, Spring (March, April, May) and Autumn (September, October, November) are considered as the best. Autumn season is the season of festivals in Nepal, so you can capture the best moments in this period. In this season one can observe the best views of Himalayas in clear sky. Spring also offers the best scenarios of glaciers and rhododendron forests. And sky is also clear in this season.

You can also make a visit in the seasons of winter and monsoon. However, these seasons are least famous due to low temperature and heavy rainfall. It depends on your purpose, which season is favourable for you. Some people prefer to come even in winter because rain shadow region like Manang, Mustang and Dolpo Region are not affected by the rains. Moreover, people like to off season just because they love to travel in peaceful trails.

Nepal Trekking Tips

  • To make your trekking rejoicing it must be safe, secure and well managed. Before going to the unknown location, you must know every aspect related to your journey very well. Here are some of the tips for you about Trekking in Nepal.
  • Have contingency days incorporated in your trekking itinerary to avoid any unnecessary hassles.
  • Hire local guide and porters, avoid solo travel.
  • Always carry local currency while trekking.
  • Acclimatize properly/Beware of acute mountain sickness.
  • Stay hydrated
  • Plan your trek with a local trekking company
  • Learn basic safety rules
  • Pick the trek that you are comfortable with.
  • Buy an insurance policy with all the necessary coverage.
  • Pack sufficient

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