Upper Dolpo, School Re-Construction Program:2016

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We from Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition would like to extend our warm greetings to all our members and our clients. With your love and support, we would like you to spend your short time going between the lines and making comments on how you feel and think about our activities published here in the blog. Your thoughts and advice will be very helpful in our upcoming similar activities. Okay, let’s get started !!

Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition (NGT) has operated trekking trips in Upper Dolpo from the year 2008. After that, we have continued to go back with more foreigners but with the spirit of bringing development to the region. Every year we explored more and made studies on possible areas and infrastructures development activities where we could make investments and in return get results that would benefit not only our visions or interests but also the locale of Dolpo in general.

Later in 2014, Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition (NGT) stood up with a sponsorship program in Upper Dolpo – Khomasgaun 2014, a small school project. The school Himalaya Dhalarong Primary School was established in 2008 since its establishment very little was going on for development. In 2014 we made a small sponsorship program and planted a seed that would grow if nurtured properly. The contribution made was enough for reconstructing small classrooms and covering expenses for desks, chairs, wallboards, and more. At that time we were not sure if we did the right thing but in our heart, we knew that education awareness within the region (especially child education )was very important.

In recent years we have seen slow but steady growth in school’s academic activities. We realize that positive steps – even the small ones should be taken under consideration for a bigger and better picture. And time is a very important factor. With more and more children going to school every year, we (NGT team) believe that finally, the people are becoming aware of the fact that education is a vital and very essential part of their children’s future. The seed planted back in 2014 is slowly starting to grow. At that time we were not hoping for big and dramatic results but now in October 2016, we are more than surprised to receive an invitation letter from the school committee.

Our main guide – Mr. Sonam Sherpa read the proposal at Khomasgaun (after 13 days of trekking in the Upper Dolpo region with NGT). With everyone’s agreement in the group, we decided to take part in the program the following day. As the matter of fact, we were not expecting a huge ceremony but we could hear people trying to make the best arrangements, even if they couldn’t understand a word we were speaking to each other. All in all, we knew that it was their way of thanksgiving. All the local people were also informed about the ceremony and there were a rather big number of people surrounding the school. Our members were provided with a chair on the school stage as soon the ceremony started, as the school children started dancing and performing other traditional activities. Words really cannot define the amount of happiness that was in our hearts at that time, we were all happy. The ceremony lasted for about 3 hours and we didn’t even notice how fast the time has run just that fast. We stayed there and watched the program to the end. And finally, the program was over – we shook our hands with the school committee members and gathered priceless memory with school children of the school. All in all, we had a great start.

The year 2016 has been one of the most memorable visits to Upper Dolpo. We do not expect the same next year but we know exactly what we should be looking forward to before getting next year. Best wishes to all our team and to everyone who helped us in creating such a positive environment around us. We will come back with more information and hopefully get feedback from you.

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